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TITAN Umreifungstechnik

GmbH & Co. KG
Berliner Straße 51-55
58332 Schwelm

Tel. +49 (2336) 808-0
Fax +49 (2336) 808208

E-Mail: info@titan-schwelm.de
Internet: www.titan-schwelm.de


Built-in innovation

In-house equipment and machine production at TITAN

TITAN is known for realising complete strapping solutions from the planning stages to actual implementation. Our own production complex at the company headquarters in Schwelm enables us to be independent in the areas of development, tool manufacture, production of equipment and heads, assembly, spares manufacture and custom machine engineering.

We invest heavily in research and production, ensuring that innovation is always an integral part of all we do. TITAN reliably develops technological highlights and offers unique technical features, such as intelligent high performance machines that recognise product dimensions automatically or doublehead strapping machines capable of processing both PET and steel strapping.


Thursday, 24.04.2014

  Double and crosswise safety with TITAN´s Twinstrap®

Double and crosswise strapping is simply better: For shipping constructional steel, steel bars and pipes the patented Twinstrap® strapping system from TITAN is a strong solution.

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