Design in the Best of Hands

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for Design Made by TITAN

From one source
TITAN engineers will present an appropriate solution for any challenge. From the first line of a drawing in the engineering department through to the last turn of a bolt from our after sales services, all is in one hand. The same hand that manufactures all parts and components for our equipment, TITAN!

Innovative Products
Above average investments in R&D is one of the basic business principles TITAN has to secure our position as a global leader for strapping technology.Resulting in high performance products setting new benchmarks in the market.more

Long acquired Experience
TITAN customers can expect nothing but the best, straight off the bat! Our experience and expertise doesn`t stop after deliverying the Machinery or equipment. It follows all the way through to Aftersales and Field Engineering, where we work closely with our customers to identify areas for improvement and supply solutions more

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