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Non Ferrous Strap

Packing Steel Strap

Stainless steel for the precious products
In addition to all the heavy, robust and resistant products that are strapped and transported every day, there are of course other packages that demand exceptional care and attention due to their high quality.
Exclusive exterior façades for buildings are just one example. In such cases, the proven V2A strap designed for the highest demands is used.
In contrast to the usual manufacturing process of TITAN steel straps, no thermal processing takes place here.
This not only leads to extreme elongation properties, but also guarantees absolute residue-free strapping of luxury products. Corrosion? Not a trace!

Technical Data
Dimensions from 16 x 0.5 mm bis 19 x 0.5 mm
from 1/2 x 0.020'' to 0.8 x 0.020''
Tensile strength ≥ 1,050 - 1,250 N/mm2
Breaking load approx. up to 14,800 N I 3,310 lbf
Elongation (A5) min approx. ≥ 15-25 %
Surface blank: surface like cold rolled strip with rolling emulsions or additional oil/ wax
zinc plated: on request, waxed
Coiling ribbon wound, oscillated wound
Form of delivery skid pallets, frames for jumbo coils, special skids on request
Certification quality management: DIN EN ISO 9001
energy management: DIN EN ISO 50001