Battery powered steel strap tensioner

The AR32 is an innovative battery powered steel strap tensioner for 19 mm / 25 mm / 32 mm steel straps (regular duty and high tensile).

In combination with DAZ (battery powered sealer for steel strap) any package with 32 mm steel strap can be sealed in any working environment, without any restrictions by hoses or air pipes. The AR32 tensioner can be used with any of the following TITAN strapping tools:

DAZ (battery powered), DPZ (pneumatic).

For optimal strapping in any application, even in heavy industry such as strapping of coil and wire rod. By means of the potentiometer positioned under the battery, it is possible to adjust the tensioning force up to 13,000 N.

The powerful, fast and and light AR32 is durable and low maintenance is required. AR32 and DAZ are equipped with an 18V – 4Ah battery, guaranteeing a high number of strappings.

Technical Data
Kind of drive (tensioning) Electric
Tension force 5,000 – 13,000 N
RSK 32
Power supply system 18 V – 4 Ah Li-Ion
Strap feeding speed 3 m/min
Dimensions 395 x 120 x 130 mm
Weight 4.7 kg
10.38 lb
Type of strap Steel strap
Strap Automatenband
Strap width 19, 25, 32 mm
Strap thickness 0.60 – 1.10 mm (Automatenband)
0.60 – 1.10 mm (MEGABAND®)
Kind of seal Seal-joint (double notch)
Strapping of round and flat packages
(e.g. sectional steel, bundles, pipes, coils, etc.) for stationary and mobile use.