Direct wire to success


Direct wire to success

Each leading in its field of expertise, together unbeatable: Wire machines produced by Koch and strapping technology from our group provide complete technical solutions for the production and transport safety of construction steel wire

Steel wire, as thick as a thumb, bending around huge coils. At high speed the cylinders wind the massive round bars up. It is quite intriguing how easily the massive metal is formed in several layers around the coil. Here in the factory of Van Merksteijn in the Dutch city of Almelo this is three-shift routine. Without delay the finished coils get strapped four-fold and labelled automatically – ready for the safe transport to the construction sites.

For many years now, Van Merksteijn International has relied upon cold roll stretching units by Koch in combination with strapping technology by our company for their complex processes. “Both companies are leading in their respective fields and can furthermore provide us with joint complete solutions“, says Frank Swartjes, production manager at the Van Merksteijn facility. „Wire machines and strapping form a strong unit. This ensures steady processes without disruption.“ There are seven cold roll stretching units in use at Almelo, completed by four strapping machines with VS 31 high-performance aggregates.

Heavy-weights on the road

The cold deformation in the Koch machines produces Van Merksteijn's high-value steel wire with increased tenacity. Stretching aligns the structure and the wire returns to being elastic. Simultaneously the surface receives a ribbing which ensures a better grip in the concrete. Once wound up on the coil the wire weighs five tons. For goods of these dimensions, the securing of the load is extremely important – for the protection of the products and the security of everyone who gets in touch with them during transportation. The strapping equipment secures the coil four times in an 90 degree gap with extra broad high performance steel strapping. An extremely sturdy threefold kerf clasp connects the strip end. Also integrated is a fully automatic labelling for the tagging of the shipment. The label sized 120 x 70 millimetres is imprinted with the complete customer data and automatically attached to the strapping tape. A difficult process, whose control is the result of long lasting engineering experience.

Indigenous and sophisticated

Rolling, stretching, winding, labelling and strapping wire: The equipment developed in close collaboration allows Van Merksteijn to integrate several productional stages in one sequence. The fully automatic unit is a huge plus factor of this combination. And, for that matter, even the chemistry between the partners is right. All three are family businesses with long traditions and a global portfolio. Sound values such as reliability and quality awareness are signs of good cooperation. Frank Swartjes: „We are very pleased with the performance of the TITAN-technology- based Lenzen machines, they lead to even more efficiency of our processes. The After Sales Service is also excellent which is why we decided to use the joint equipment of or two partners in our facilities in Belgium and France as well.“

Koch and wire: quality for the past 80 years

Koch, which was found in 1921 in Ihmert, is to one of the leading suppliers of drawing machines for the steel industry. With an export quota of more than 80 percent on the international market, Koch supplies customers in more than 60 countries. The production range includes wire drawing machines, equipment for the cleaning and coating of wire as well as for the cold rolling and stretching of wire. Together with such partners as Lenzen for instance, Koch offers complete projects for the production of wire.

Van Merksteijn International: A family business with the power of a global corperation

Construction steel, palings or wire products – Van Merksteijn offers top-notch quality in all these ranges. Their own global network of production facilities, suppliers and storage houses allows for a fast access to resources and material. Steel rod mats and semi-finished grates up to wire for coat-hangers and shopping trolleys constitute the product range. A solid down-to-earthness of a family business characterises Van Merksteijn as well as the position of an internationally operating corporation.


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