Stacking it softly


Stacking it softly

Turning one's back on damage: Fully automatic machines protect both products and the employees' health during the stack strapping of steel strip coils

Even if massive steel strip coils can't be hit for six, these heavy weights still have their soft spot. In case that the joints are placed incorrectly during the stacking of the coils, the surface is damaged and the whole coil structure destabilizes. A new, fully automatic machine for the strapping of steel strip coils ensures a precise positioning – with optical measuring and TITANARG® welded joint. The innovative machine is also a gain when it comes to ecomonic efficiency and human engineering for the good of the packing workers.

Amongst other sites, the equipment is currently at use at the Dutch facility of the Wuppermann Group. It is in the company's packing department where a magnet crane stacks the previously strapped steel strip coils on top of each other and then onto a lifting and lowerable roller conveyor with a star handle at its centre. At this point the strapping can be applied at almost every position of the pallet. The machine works highly precise in measuring the inner diameter of the stack and placing the TITANARG® welding joint at the perfect position on the winding surface. The flat, coreless joint protects the steel's surface. Plus: The stability of the welding joint allows the reduction of the steel strapping's width.

The whole process has been custom-designed to fulfil Wuppermann's requirements. “We were especially convinced by two outstanding advantages of this system: first the cost-efficiency and second the improved workplace ergonomies for our employees“, says Mario Dorfer, Managing Director at Wuppermann Bandstahl GmbH. Prior to this, the massive stacks had to be strapped manually by two workers. This straining job has now been replaced by a fully automatic process. The employee in the packing department can thus be deployed to monitor the whole process and the labelling of the stacks.

“By now we have the new automatic strapping machines with TITAN technology not only in use at our Dutch site in Moerdijk, but also at our Austrian facility in Linz. What we really appreciate about the collaboration is the thorough technical project work“, adds Mario Dorfer. One additional thing is likewise important to him: “We are very pleased with the After Sales Service and the technical support. That is why we decided to use additional automatic strapping machines with TITANARG® welding technology.“


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