Quality with Each Fiber


Quality with Each Fiber

Soft, fluffy sweaters, breathable sports shirts and heat-resistant protective clothing all have one thing in common: the raw material cellulose fiber. And it's usually made in Austria. Up to 2,500 fiber bales leave the plant of the global market leader Lenzing in Upper Austria daily. Plant Manager Arno Ressler explains why he considers strapping technology from TITAN to be "optimum" in an interview with “titango".

titango: Mr. Ressler, what are man-made cellulose fibers?

Arno Ressler: These are fibers produced industrially from wood. Our fibers are composed of 100 percent cellulose, which is produced from beechwood here at our plant in Lenzing.

Where are the fibers used?

We produce up to 900 fiber types. They are mainly used in the textile industry, for example, to make viscose and Modal. Other fibers are used in the hygiene sector as well as in medicine and cosmetics. We have also developed a functional fiber called "Tencel" with an "intelligent" structure. It is light and sturdy at the same time, and it cools or warms as well as controls moisture.


What is important when you pack the fiber bales?

Everything produced is packed on 13 pre-presses and five packing presses. Packing takes about two to three minutes per 300 kg bale. Strapping technology is a very important component of this. We have been working successfully with TITAN here for many years.



Which strapping technology is currently used at Lenzing?

Due to the high standards in the hygiene sector, we use the TITAN plastic strapping head VK 10. It is distinguished by high and constant closure values, a sealing unit free of wear and tear, and optimum belt tension. Soiling due to belt abrasion is minimum, and the strapping process has become a lot faster. TITAN solved these challenges optimally.


How is it working with TITAN?

Excellent. Both partners have "stayer qualities", which we already saw in the operation startup phase. I especially appreciate TITAN's straightforward, targeted manner of working and its skill in implementing projects. And of course the time they take to talk things over.


Your outlook?

We consider the quality and appearance of the closures to be optimum. All Lenzing plants both in Austria and Germany have been equipped with the TITAN VK 10 systems in the meantime.

With 70 years of experience, the Lenzing Group is the sole manufacturer worldwide with all three generations of man-made cellulose fibers – viscose, Modal and Lyocell – under one roof. The world's largest integrated cellulose and viscose production with 2,800 employees is at the company headquarters in Upper Austria. Arno Ressler is the plant manager in the fiber hall, the "center" of fiber production.


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