The slightly different trade show at the TITAN headquarters

The slightly different trade show at the TITAN headquarters

Contemporaneous with the Interpack, TITAN presents innovative system appliances at its in-house trade show in Schwelm from the 12th to 14th of May

A lot of space, numerous innovations and live demonstrations: Customers can look forward to visit this trade show. From the 12th to the 14th of May 2011, contemporaneous with the Interpack, visitors to the TITAN in-house trade show will experience strapping technology at its best. A focal point will be the fully automatic system application. Here are a few highlights:

A magnet for visitors will certainly be the fully automatic strapping machine for coil stacks. It works with TITAN’s state-of-the-art strapping aggregate VS 12-LE-HD, which positions the strap even at the highest number of cycles accurate to the millimetre. A strong bond is established by the patented TITANARG® welded joint. Even when coil stacking without interleaving layers, it can not be forced apart. Compared to a seal or sealless joint it allows a saving of material by 20 percent with its to 19x1 millimetre reduced strap width. Little maintenance and wear parts requirements are additional reasons why the TITANARG® steel strapping is the most cost-efficient procedure in the market.

With the VS 12-LE-LD-O TITAN presents another machine for strapping slit coils through the eye. Here again the TITANARG® joint technology ensures maximum safety and material savings. Positioned on a rotating table the coil is strapped automatically with a VS-12-L-LD aggregate. Pneumatic tension motors guarantee a tight fit of the strap. Additional advantages are high cycle times by the SPS control technology and an almost nonstop feed of steel straps via large coils.

Steely joints

The automatic strapping machine VS 32-L-SU with integrated labelling developed for ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe shows a great standard regarding flexibility and economic efficiency. Before it starts to strap coils at the cold rolling mill, it will first demonstrate its strengths at TITAN’s in-house trade show. Take its flexibility: Since the machine is able to approach the strapping positions freely, the coil transport does not have to be adapted on the customer’s part. Yet another strong argument is its safety: Combined with the TITANARG® technology, the VS 32-L-Aggregat ensures a guaranteed rigidity of the joints by 90 percent, which allows a reduction of the strap width.

PET strapping for pipes

Another highlight of the in-house trade show is the vertical strapping machine VK 10 U for PET straps. The twin machine straps hexagonally stacked pipe packages with a PET strap. Both machines are built upon a joint basic frame, which can be wheeled to different positions. In only eight seconds the strapping head technology performs two vertical strappings with the sealless TITAN thermo-weld joint per package. With the very strong and flexible PET strap, the package always returns to its original form even under high pressure.

Strapping tools – full of tension

Powerful and easy to handle: these are the TITAN TA-series strapping tools for plastic straps. The hand tool TA 220 is able to processes strap widths of 12 to 16 mm without any adjustments. The same applies to the new TA 400 for strap widths from 15 to 19 mm. The high-performance lithium-polymer battery recharges in very short times – without any memory effects. All TA tools come with an embedded touch panel. Visitors can check out the very comfortable handling on their own – and can test further innovative TITAN strapping machines.

The TITAN staff is looking forward to inform visitors to the in-house trade show on numerous strapping products. “The close proximity to the Interpack allows us to break the mould”, explains Peter W. Lenzen jr., TITAN’s Managing Director. “In Schwelm we are able to present more products than at the trade show in Dusseldorf and we can wait upon our guests with a bigger team of employees.” Catering and a shuttle service from and to the nearby trade show ground in Dusseldorf will be provided. Visitors to the TITAN in-house trade show are cordially asked to register. 

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