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100% Assistance – 704-663-2490, any time!

High quality strapping tools, heads and machines as well as high quality strap and accessories are a good way forward. But only in combination with the TITAN service the strapping system matures to perfection!

To complete the strapping system quality approach, we offer on- and off-site training programs for all our equipment.

With our total quality in-house parts manufacturing, we can keep your TITAN strapping tools, heads and machines at all stages of their life spans at a performance level as from day one.

Our highly trained and experienced service engineers will suggest and execute customised preventive as also full maintenance plans.

In the very unlikely event of a head or machine failure before time, our 24/7 service team will be ready to help. Your needs will be addressed with utmost urgency.

Not to forget that standard repairs and general equipment overhauls and rebuilds are part of our daily business.

Every TITAN tool and machine gets the CARE it needs, so that you can literally forget about your strapping equipment and get on with your work. On TITAN CARE you can count!

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